by Timothy A. Southall

If kids are brought in with lure of glitter and gum,
That may be the only reason they will come.
Some folks think worship means music and fun,
But arenít we here to worship Godís Son?

It appears some come only to romp and frolic,
But isnít this only of darkness symbolic?
They think worshipís great with the lights turned low,
But what type of bad seed does the darkness sow?

Some think itís best to have the music loud,
But this effect only makes Hollywood proud.
When the music is louder than the voice,
How can one hear the Lord and His choice?

Some think as long as we sing ďJesus,Ē
It should be enough to always please us.
Some folks worship with booming, heavy metal rock,
But do they even try to walk as Jesus walked?

Some kids get baptized but only get wet . . .
Havenít seen many make a full commitment, yet.
When will they learn Jesus is to be the reason
No matter the day, the month, or the season?

The congregation should have orderly worship.
The kids will only learn if we practice true Lordship.
Some think the rules are entirely unneeded,
But chaos reigns when they go unheeded.

What will it takeóa plague or great fall
For some to stop walking and straddling the wall?
Some call the unrighteous and unrepentant our brothers.
Alas, Jesus will tell them to depart with the others.

Copyright © 1997 Timothy A. Southall.  All rights reserved.