When Will They Ever Learn?
by Timothy A. Southall

When will they ever learn
Those who sin are gonna burn?
Some are "special" and never get called down.
Those who bring forth truth only get a frown.
They run the righteous out, one by one.
They keep the disobedient and hide what they've done.
God punishes them over and over again.
Yet they still blame Satan, not their own sin.
Some bring in entertainment for the crowd.
It doesn't matter what they preach out loud
As long as it tickles the ear and pleases the eye.
They just look over it if it is false doctrine or a lie.
What will it take--a great plague or a flood?
Some will never understand and just wallow in the mud.
Their time will come one fateful day.
When the Lord asks what they have to say.

Copyright © 2000 Timothy A. Southall. All rights reserved.