Whatever The People Want...--by Bob Wickline

"Hey! Whatever the people want--
That's what we wanna do . . .
Let's change the Church and make it different,
More 'acceptable,' exciting and new . . ."

Tragic, tho' it be,
'Tis the mantra of many today--
To change The Church to suit the world . . .
But, shouldn't it be the other way???

The music's gotta rock and be so loud
That the windows all but shatter . . .
And the preachin'-well, if you can even call it that,
Is a whole 'nother troublesome matter . . .

When the Church cares more for entertainment,
And worship has to be somethin' radical and new,
It's no wonder there's no time for the traditional,
No interest in the tried and true . . .

Now, I know you think I'm an old dinosaur
That needs to get on with "the show"--
But forgive me, I've never been very fond of fads,
Nor followin' copycats all in a row . . .

Seems everybody's gotta get a screen,
And make 'em stand till their legs give out,
And sing the verse over and over,
'Till ya forget what it's even about . . .

Now, I'm not against everything new--
I know we gotta take the Gospel to where the people are--
But if ya gotta give away the store to sell a loaf of bread,
I'm afraid you've gone too far . . .

And never doubt Its power to SAVE!
The Church's business is to preach the Cross--
Not to service what the people crave.

Copyright © 1999 Bob Wickline. All rights reserved.  Reprinted with permission.