We Can Run But We Can't Hide--by Kimberly B. Southall
The Truth has always been there
Though oft ignored and denied.
God is all-knowing and everywhereĖ
We can run, but we canít hide.

He sees everything we doĖ
Every thought, every step and stride.
We can pretend Heís just not real
But thatís a speedy downhill ride.

After disobeying Godís direct commands,
We claim our hands were tied.
But do we think our powerful God
Will ignore the fact that weíve lied?

We often think we know everything
In our own knowledge we take pride.
We try to reason away the facts
But truth and error always collide.

Some hope God will change His mindĖ
Just for them let the truth slide.
And some glorious day when their timeís up
Into the pearly gates theyíll glide.

But while thatís a rosy picture,
Itís a falsehood God wonít abide.
Itís Satanís age-old deception
Upon which multitudes have relied.

Christ came to earth with a purpose.
For our sins He suffered and died.
He asks so very little of us
And yet always stays by our side.

The Truth is the Truth
And the Holy Spiritís our internal guide.
When we struggle with temptation,
In God we must always confide.

We must weigh our every thought and motive
To be worthy as Christís bride.
Someday the trumpet will soundĖremember
We can run but we canít hide!

Copyright © 1999 Kimberly B. Southall.  All rights reserved.