by Timothy A. Southall

So many people are preaching,
And some folks are even teaching.
They can talk the talk
But can't walk the walk.
Some may wonder when they partake communion,
Does the Lord want them to be part of the union?
These people say they are going to Heaven for sure.
But don't they know that Jesus was sinless and pure?
How easy it is to talk the talk,
But, friend, can you walk the walk?
Jesus taught us how to walk, talk and see.
Some question, "Is this brotherhood the way it should be?"
Jesus did not join secret brotherhoods or churches of creed.
We must believe in Him and forever follow His lead.
If not, you will think of it as a horrible day
When the Lord asks, "Do you have something to say?"
Beware and look out when you kneel and confess.
Then you will know what is causing your distress.
So take the advice of a saved sinner like me
To walk the walk and talk the talk just like He.
So read your Bible from beginning to end.
You will know that Jesus is your Savior and Friend.

Copyright © 1996 Timothy A. Southall. All rights reserved.