Truly Set Apart
by Timothy A. Southall

Did you ever think what it must have been like
For God to come to the earth as a tyke,
To lower Himself to the level of man
Into the world that Satan himself ran?

The love that the Father showed us then
That He sent His Son to save us from sin,
Letting Him be born in a lowly manger--
It really could not be any stranger.

He sent angels to invite a select few.
The religious leaders had not a clue.
Mere shepherds were told to find God's Son.
They went to see what their God had done.

When they arrived, it was all true.
Then went and told people what they knew.
Mary treasured all of this in her heart,
Knowing her Son was truly set apart.

Copyright © 2001 Timothy A. Southall. All rights reserved.