They Just Sit There--by Timothy A. Southall
Its hard to search my heart
When it is being torn apart
By those who say, Im your Christian brother.
Except for Sunday, they serve another.

They act righteous and proud;
Their sinful acts echo so loud.
The church building is so empty on Sunday
Because of the things they do on Monday.

There are always empty pews.
All have left except for a few.
Their church died several years ago,
But they just sit there and will never know.

When they should have stood firm,
They swerved right off the edge onto the berm.
I look toward Heaven and start to pray.
But what is there left for me to say?

In Revelation 2 and 3, Jesus sends letters to seven churches.
Open the heart and listen to the Spirit as one searches.
Out of seven He only found favor in two.
His letters tell who has favor in His view.

Satan can make us deaf to the Word.
Lord, please let Your Word be heard.
The end comes nearer every day.
All the Father wants is for us to obey.

Copyright © 1998 Timothy A. Southall.  All rights reserved.