The Spirit of Jezebel

by Timothy A. Southall

Ever notice when the church starts to grow
Some revolt and evil is what they sow?
They operate under the spirit of Jezebel
Constructing their path straight to hell.
Making themselves always look needed,
Letting each others' sins go unheeded.
History shows they move from church to church.
The unsuspecting innocent is what they search.
Their "revelation" of prophetic dreams
Is all just part of their evil schemes.
They want their fingers in every role
To have the whole church under their control.
Wanting you to forget the biblical way,
They demand you must do what they say.
If the elders back down and do as they say,
Jezebel remains happy and at bay.
Cross the Jezebels and not do their will–
And your reputation will go for a spill.
Their selfish ambition causes strife and division.
They want their way under any condition.
They seek to gain others for their side
Falsely claiming it is the leaders who lied.
We must get down on our knees and fight.
Just take care to watch out for their bite.
Servants of God will finally win.
Jezebel will come to a well-deserved end!

Copyright © 2004 Timothy A. Southall. All rights reserved.