This poem was written regarding the extremes to which some "churches" go
in order to entertain and draw more members while
forgetting or abandoning the purposes of Christ's church.

The Show--by Timothy A. and Kimberly B. Southall

Come on down.  Come to the show.
Itís fine entertainment.  Give it a go!

Thereís something for everyone, except the senior crowd.
Loud music, sensuality . . . really, anythingís allowed.

We donít correct anyone.  We donít mention sin.
We really donít care how many souls we win.

Forget about hymnsĖweíve tossed them out.
Redundant praise choruses is what itís about.

The praise team leads and be-bops on stage.
You ought to see it; it's all the rage!

The songís on the screen.  Some squint with a frown.
They scarcely keep up as we stand up and sit down.

We can bump; we can jump; we can jiggle and grind.
All semblance of order we have left behind.

Donít worry about truth.  Weíve removed all restraints.
The righteous object, but never mind the saints.

We can change and do anything we want to do.
Don't worry 'bout the elders; they haven't a clue.

We must compromise to get folks in the door.
If somebody leaves, we will just invite more.

What about Jesus?  Oh, Heís a cool dude.
But all that repentance could ruin the mood.

Come on down.  Come to the show.
You may die in your sin, but what a way to go!

Copyright © 1999-2000 Timothy A. & Kimberly B. Southall. All rights reserved.