Spring!--by Kimberly B. Southall
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Spring is a wonderful season. We cannot help but notice the new green leaves on the trees and the flowers burst forth in bloom. All of this "new life" should also remind us of the time when everything truly was fresh and new-when God created everything. You can read about God creating the world in the Bible. There are two accounts of the creation. One is at Genesis 1:1-2:3, and the other is at Genesis 2:4-25.

Sometimes we hear that the world and people "evolved" and were not created by God. But the people who say those things are badly mistaken. First, the Bible tells us the truth about how the world and everything in it was created. And second, we can see the evidence of God's creation all around us. Just think about all of the flowers and trees. How do they know when to bloom and when not to? Look at the animals and the people. What makes our hearts beat? What makes us to be able to breathe? And what makes the very air which we breathe? What makes the sun, moon, and stars stay where they are and not go every which way? What makes the ocean stay separated from the land? What keeps the earth spinning? All of these things are "just right." They could not "just happen" as some people say. It took our all-powerful and perfect God to plan it all so that it would work. Then He created it all.

Wow! Spring! Just look around and thank God for everything He has made!

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