Put Yourself In His Sandals--by Timothy A. Southall

Did you ever think of all Jesus went through
Due to His love for me and for you?
How would you take someone spitting in your face?
Would you be able to maintain your grace?

What about being punched and then being slapped?
Would you be able to keep your anger capped?
Now hurt and weak, could you carry a cross
Due to others whose teachings were false?

Now take a look at your hands, how shaky and frail
Think how it would feel to be pierced with a nail.
Then have a nail hammered through each leg.
Most, at this point, would give up and beg.

Now nailed to the cross, it would be placed upright.
Your body's weight pulling your muscles all tight.
Just think of all the pain as you hang there
And only a few around who really care.

Jesus showed no anger or resentment
All He showed was a full commitment.
At any time, He could have called angels to destroy us all,
But due to His love and mercy, He didn't want us to fall.

Now take a moment and think of all in life you have done
You have lived worldly ways and had materialistic fun.
Repent of your ways—on Judgment Day you can't run.
On Sunday, go to where others truly worship God's Son.

Copyright © 1998 Timothy A. Southall.  All rights reserved.