Plea To A
Dying Congregation

by Timothy A. Southall

The family is full of black sheep.
Your unrepentant sins are getting deep.
Some "repent" only when caught.
For others it isn't sin if you can be bought.

When you are caught, you tell a story.
Why can't you just obey and give God glory?
To you, morals and convictions are merely narrative.
But to Jesus there is no other comparative.

No more alibis.
No more compromise.
Don't start the righteous talking
Until you can do some righteous walking.

You are the talk of the town.
Straighten up and quit fooling around.
Don't just sit on the pew and pray.
Inaction will not make problems go away.

There's far too much talk;
Not nearly enough walk;
Way too much sin in the camp.
Repent! Let the Lord be your Lamp!

Copyright © 1997 Timothy A. Southall. All rights reserved.