Look for the Rainbow
by Kimberly B. Southall

I was utterly disgusted and depressed as I prepared to go home from work that afternoon. My day had been filled with injustice. As a legal secretary, it was certainly nothing new to hear about other people's problems throughout the course of the day. Usually it didn't bother me. But this day a client came in sobbing because her estranged husband had taken their young children and refused to let her see them. And another client, who had worked hard all of his life and was now clearly disabled, had been denied Social Security disability benefits. His case would have to be appealed. I was certain he would prevail, but it wasn't fair that his case was denied while the cases of less deserving people were approved. None of this was fair! Where was the justice!?

As I stepped out of the building, the wet pavement added more gloom to my dreary outlook. I walked to my car still contemplating all the injustices of this world. As I drove through town, I silently pleaded with God to do something, anything, to cheer me. I'd had enough injustice for one day. Then, as I stopped at a red light, I looked beyond the traffic. There, in the sky, was a bright, beautiful rainbow which instantly brought tears of relief and joy to my eyes. God did care how I felt, and He did care about that mother's empty arms, and He did care about that rejected, disabled man.

The rainbow reminded me of God's promises. While there may not be enough justice to go around now, someday there will be. For Jesus has promised to return someday. And His promises, sometimes symbolized by a rainbow, always come true. In the meantime, I must remember, when life's injustices get me down, to look for the rainbow.

Copyright © 1997 Kimberly B. Southall. All rights reserved.