Live Up To The Name
by Kimberly B. Southall

As our family enjoyed an overnight vacation at a state park lodge, we observed many of God's creatures. From our balcony, we tossed down snacks to a pair of grateful groundhogs and a tidy raccoon who cleaned his crackers before dining. We observed a curious squirrel who found it entertaining to hang out of his hole in the tree to watch us feeding the groundhogs and raccoon–maybe we were a form of squirrel TV. As we ate in the lodge restaurant, we viewed geese, ducks, and sea hawks on the lake. And in the evening while sitting near the fireplace in the lobby as we played a board game, we detected the unmistakable aroma of a skunk. Yes, there were many of God's interesting creatures all around. But strangely enough, the resort didn't live up to its name–Deer Creek. There wasn't a deer anywhere to be seen, unless you count the statues out front. The presence or lack of deer really didn't make much difference to the enjoyment of our vacation. But it really was rather odd to see all sorts of animals except the one the place was named for, don't you think? While it's a very fine place, it just didn't live up to its name while we were there.

What about you? Do you live up to your name–Christian–all of the time? Sure, you're a nice enough person most of the time. But when others are around you, do they see Christ? Do they know you are a Christian by your words, actions, and love? Obviously, we can all improve in that department. None of us perfectly portray Christ to others all of the time. But it's something we should strive toward. For just as it seems strange not to find deer at Deer Creek, it's really odd not to see Christ in a Christian. Live up to the name.

Copyright © 2002 Kimberly B. Southall. All rights reserved.