Just A Drink--by Becky Purpero
Just a drink to help unwind,
It's been a long hard day.
How innocent this begins at first,
But heartache's on the way.

So you drink a couple beers.
But one day you can't ignore
That every muscle in your body
Is screaming out for more.

Then your misery touches other lives.
The ones who love you so.
We stand by watching helplessly,
Destruction is ahead we know.

It seems that drugs and alcohol,
Always bring to mind
Broken promises and shattered dreams,
Where peace you cannot find.

Reasoning now gets harder,
For your mind is far away.
You’re unable to think clearly,
Though you've been shown The Way.

Why do I choose not to drink?
Come and meet my precious mother.
Look at her—watch her cry,
Carrying a hurt that's like no other.

Drunkenness begins so innocently,
For sin always works that way.
When you took that very first drink,
Did you think it would end this way?

Drinking numbs the senses,
It makes us act the fool.
There is no doubt about it,
It’s Satan’s powerful tool.

It holds you in a death grip,
Your constant desire is to drink.
You no longer have control of life,
No matter what you may think.

Wasting away—it’s a nightmare.
Going further down each day.
No longer able to help yourself,
But yet there’s still a Way.

You don’t need to live defeated.
This was never meant to be.
And if you’ll serve the Master,
You, too, can be set free.

Jesus Christ is still the Answer.
Begin life anew today.
He’ll heal your broken heart and soul.
This for you I daily pray.

Copyright © 1986 Becky Purpero.  Reprinted with permission.