Men of God or Men of Fraud--by Timothy A. Southall[wolf in sheep's clothing]
Some get on stage and boldly preach.
Others say it is truth they teach.

Alas, their familiesí lives are full of sin and shame,
Thus their witness makes Godís Word sound awfully lame.

They pat each other on the back.
Repentance and obedience are what they lack.

They change Godís Word for their false brothers.
Or could it be they who belong to another?

Jesus said to feed His sheep.
But the goats are who they try to keep.

Because they must hide sin at any cost,
They no longer have time to seek the lost.

Men of God are defined in 1 John chapter 3.
Men of fraud are also exposed for us to see.

Copyright © 1998 Timothy A. Southall.  All rights reserved.

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