The following poem was written following the devastating flood in southeastern Ohio on March 2, 1997. The flood waters entered the church building around 1:45 a.m. and several members, both male and female, worked feverishly to keep the water out. Alas, it wasn't God's will. Instead, efforts turned to salvaging as many items as possible. Throughout it all, spirits remained high and all worked together as a true family. Even though many didn't get any sleep at all that night, they worked non-stop throughout the day on Sunday, the Lord's day, and had all the mud cleaned off of the floors in time for a short evening worship service and to partake of the Lord's Supper. That evening, we rejoiced with the angels when our new sister in Christ was born again through the waters of baptism.

The Flood
by Timothy A. Southall

It was the middle of the night;
Satan wanted to start a fight.
He came in around the door and through the wall.
He thought when they ran, they would fall.
Then the Lord called them back;
Satan never expected such an attack.
When they opened the door, out he ran.
He left behind water, mud, and sand.
Out went the call to the brothers and sisters.
They came to work even if it meant a few blisters.
They brought their brooms and their vacs;
Aspirin was needed for muscles and backs.
Each had a job and no time was lost--
They wanted to be ready for evening service at sacrificial cost.
Six hours later, the goal was met.
The family of God got it done without a fret.
Then to add to the devil's look of scorn
Through water, a child of God was born!

Copyright © 1997 Timothy A. Southall. All rights reserved.