Dandelion Sins--by Kimberly B. Southall

Have you ever given much thought to dandelions–the little yellow "flowers" which sprout up everywhere? On the surface, those are cheery little flowers. Their bright, sunny yellow heads compliment the green grass before they turn to a white, fluffy ball of seed–the delight of many children who blow them about. But, in actuality, those dandelions are weeds. They multiply rapidly. If not dealt with and eliminated, they will soon take over a lawn until there's little or no grass left at all. And there isn't anything attractive about that.

The same is true of the little sins which sprout up in our lives. We may not think much about them at first. They may even seem attractive in some ways. But those "little" sins, if not dealt with, will invariably "go to seed." And before you realize what's happened, those dandelion sins will have taken over your "green grass" or wholesome life. Even worse, your dandelions can spread to your neighbor's yard and so on until everyone's lawn, or life, is a mess!

2 Corinthians 13:5We, as Christians, need to evaluate the "lawn" of our lives often. We should use the Bible as our "weed and feed" treatment. God's Word will train us to detect those weeds in our lives and it feeds us as no other "fertilizer" ever could. The study and application of God's Word is just the treatment for those dandelion sins.

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