We Must Not Conform--by Kimberly B. Southall
No matter what tempts us,
Even when we are toil-worn,
To the madness of this world
We must not conform.

For we are Godís children,
Siblings of His First-Born.
When the world entices us,
We must not conform.

The devilís bag is full of weapons.
He can assume most any form.
Even though he knows well our weakness,
Still, we must not conform.

Peer pressure, threats and lies,
Rumors, innuendo, scorn,
The world is full of evil,
But we must not conform.

When assailed by doubts;
Between right and wrong weíre torn,
We must first seek His Word
Then to His will conform.

When pressure is at its worst
And the absurd seems the norm,
We canít despair, God is there.
To wrong we wonít conform.

Satan will do his very worst.
To destroy us he is sworn.
But to prevail against our foe,
We must not conform. 

Copyright © 1997 Kimberly B. Southall.  All rights reserved.
Romans 12:2
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