The Battle--by Timothy A. Southall

It is the middle of the night.
Oh, how I hate to think of the fight.
Numerous sins must be corrected.
New Christians leave after being neglected.
My heart bleeds from much pain--
How many Christians have they slain?
They preach and teach too much man-made law,
Removing vital truth, not listening to God's call.
My mind wonders with doubt,
Then I realize someone must stand up and shout.
The Lord talks to us in many ways.
We must stop and look through the haze.
During the battle many are torn,
But so many babes are being born.
So many people stand in our way
Not reading the Bible, they don't know where to stay.
Some choose friends and pick the wrong side.
Others quit coming; they stay home and hide.
It is time to stand up,
Eat the bread, and drink of the cup.
Oh, how I hope and pray
Jesus will be their only way.

Copyright © 1997 Timothy A. Southall.  All rights reserved.